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Building a reputation with proven litigation skills

For more than 25 years, Richard A. Harrison has won cases for local government agencies and elected officials, protecting their public goals and providing effective, attentive representation. While each case is different, Richard A. Harrison, P.A. provides extensive knowledge of local government law, tenacious litigation skills, adept complex case management and thorough research for all clients. Richard A. Harrison has successfully defended a religious group’s lawsuit regarding speech and leafleting rules at Tampa International Airport. He also led the team that managed the legal aspects of Tampa General Hospital’s privatization. The firm continues to add to this record of achievements.

Some of the cases for which Richard A. Harrison, P.A. is noted include:

  • Coton v. Televised Visual X-Ography, Inc., 740 F.Supp.2d 1299 (M.D. Fla. 2010);
  • Southeastern Integrated Medical, P.L. v. North Florida Women’s Physicians, P.A., 50 So.3d 21 (Fla. 1 DCA 2010);
  • Harman v. State, So.3d, 12 So.3d 898 (Fla. 2 DCA 2009);
  • Access for America, Inc. v. Associated Out-Door Clubs, Inc., 188 Fed. Appx. 818 (11th Cir. 2006);
  • Weekly Planet Inc. v. Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, 829 So.2d 970 (Fla. 2 DCA 2002);
  • Toledo v. Hillsborough County Hospital Authority, 841 So.2d 482 (Fla. 2 DCA 2003);
  • Memorial Hospital-West Volusia Inc. v. News Journal Corp., 729 So.2d 373 (Fla. 1999);
  • Halifax Hospital Medical Center v. News-Journal Corp., 724 So.2d 567 (Fla. 1999);
  • Toledo v. Hillsborough County Hospital Authority, 747 So.2d 958 (Fla. 2 DCA 1999);
  • Jews for Jesus, Inc. v. Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, 162 F.3d 627 (11th Cir. 1998);
  • Canaveral Port Authority v. Dept. of Revenue, 690 So. 2d 1226 (Fla. 1997);
  • Halifax Hospital Medical Center v. News-Journal Corp., 701 So.2d 434 (Fla. 5th DCA 1997);
  • Baker v. Alderman, 766 F. Supp. 1112 (M.D. Fla. 1991).

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