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Complex Litigation

Proficient Tampa Complex Litigation Attorneys Manage Your Case

The dependable service you need to win a complicated case

Each case has its difficulties, but some can prove exceptionally challenging due to the nature of the issues involved. You need a capable law firm with the skills and resources to effectively manage and win your complex case. Richard A. Harrison has handled complex litigation for more than 25 years. The firm brings its highly effective litigation skills and accommodating approach to each client’s case.

Understanding the needs of complex litigation

Without proper legal advisement, many cases can seem overwhelming. Complex litigation usually includes one or more of the following:

  • Depositions from many witnesses
  • Large amounts of data
  • Extensive documentation
  • Multifaceted legal issues
  • Expert witnesses using technical language
  • Short timelines
  • The use of technology in courtroom presentations
  • Multiple parties and claims
  • Complex insurance issues

If your case involves one or several of these elements, you may feel intimidated by the prospect of managing it all. A lawyer without the proper background might also feel intimidated.  You can trust Richard A. Harrison, P.A. to diligently prepare for and manage your complex case. With decades of successful complex case management and litigation for corporate and government clients, the firm gets results for its clients and earns the respect of its peers in the Tampa Bay area.

Keeping track of your case’s high volume of details

When your case involves a massive amount of data and documents, a large number of parties, multiple experts and complicated insurance issues, you need a firm with an organized strategy to keep track of it all. Richard A. Harrison, P.A. puts together teams of experts for our clients to sort out the data and documents and keep track of the many details involved in these complex cases. Richard A. Harrison, P.A. effectively manages complex cases while you keep your focus on the big picture – success in reaching your legal goals.

Contact a hard-working Tampa complex case attorney today

A difficult case requires thorough representation. Contact Richard A. Harrison, P.A. at 813-302-7434 or online. The firm has flexible office hours and is centrally located in downtown Tampa close to the courthouses.

Richard A. Harrison, P.A. serves clients in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida.

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